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Project of Borgo Poggetello

July 28, 2016 - Project of Borgo Poggetello - , , , , ,

Poggetello is a small village of the Tagliacozzo district, in the province of L’Aquila, region Abruzzo. It is situated 2.81 kilometers from the same town of Tagliacozzo. The village is situated on the central Appenini Simbruini mountains at a height of 850 meters and its origins are medieval.

About Poggetello
History of Poggetello

Forme Nude arrived in the small village of Poggetello at the beginning of 2016 for the request of some residents, they needed to redevelopment, in terms of restoration and conservation, of some sites. During this months the action has evolved into a complex urban renewal program with systematic reclamation of degraded or abandoned areas going from building renovation to urban requalification (such as restoration and conservation and, in some cases, re-use or re-functioning of historical containers) giving life to project of “Borgo Poggetello”.
The project aims to give a new shape and a new future to the memory sites. A new shape that underlines the goal seriously of an overall increase of the quality (environmental quality, quality of human relations, quality of urban life), in all the services to the citizen but also as a simple maintenance actions of public spaces. A new future that embraces and encompasses the so-called village users, in other words, the tourists, the visitors of folklore events and all those who for any reason come into the village in the morning and they leave again the evening.
The goal also serves a dual aims
The first is the development of the potential or the enhancement of local resources and specificities, giving “shape and image” to the country through intervention for parts. The second consolidate and increase the share capital in order to pool resources for the physical transformation of a system of public and private places that are generated to new life.

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