art is emotion, creativity and spontaneity
FORME NUDE is a view of lifestyle
  • Tobacco bag for rolled cigarettes
  • New Urban from Memory
  • Wall Box
  • Bag details
  • Snail
  • Flying lamp
  • Desert Flower
  • Swing Song
  • Burning
  • Jump
  • Tobacco bag for rolled cigarettes
  • Total Dream
  • Castro FSO
  • Lamp n.4
  • Lamp n.3
  • On Off
  • Lamp n.2
  • Lamp n.1

What we are

we love the imperfection on condition that expresses personality
    we are what I am - I am what we are


our locations in spacetime


    a research of the essence, a traces route that discloses reality through the intimate forms of nakedness


    each Jewel is single piece and modelled by hand, this is guarantee for its irreproducibility


    our looking at life

      Working for

      Group ... in other words a small cluster of galaxies, in number and variable size, held together by the attraction of gravity produced by them.


      sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

      Do you need me, 
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